Tipsy Premium Variety Basket

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This basket has a little bit of everything: a bottle of red, a bottle of white, a bottle of bubbles, plus so much more... local brews, delicious cocktails and fun snacks. With such a great variety, it's the perfect gift for any occasion or to just say thank-you to someone for helping you out. 

This basket includes:

   🍷 Meiomi Pinot Noir
  🥂 Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc
  🥂 Confetti Pinot Grigio Can
  🍾Korbel Brut Bubbles 

   🍸 Absolut Grapefruit Paloma

   🍸 High Noon Tequila Lime & Soda
   🍸 Jack Daniel's Whiskey & Coke 
   🍸 Jameson Whiskey Orange Spritz
   🍸 Jose Cuervo Rosé Sparkling Margarita
   🍸 Mule 2.0 Mexican Mule
   🍸 New Amsterdam WildCard Lemon Hard Tea
   🍸 On the Rocks - Espresso Martini (w/ Effen Vodka)
   🍸 On the Rocks - Manhattan (w/ Basil Hayden Bourbon)
   🍸 On the Rocks - Old Fashioned (w/ Knob Creek)
   🍸 Ranch 2O Ranch Water
   🍸 Waterbird Vodka Cucumber Mint

   🍺 Anthem Golden One Belgian
   🍺 Coop F5 IPA
   🍺 Dead Armadillo Tulsa Flag Blonde
   🍺 Marshall Sundown Wheat

  ⭐ Deluxe Mixed Nuts (34oz)
  ⭐ Steak Strips

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*Note - products may vary depending on availability

Also, the items in this basket can be switched out for similar contents. Contact Jo at 918-857-8487 to make any adjustments. Or you can customize another basket with your own selection of wine, bubbles, brews, cocktails and more!