About Us

Tipsy Truck Delivery is T-town's go-to for booze, brews, bubbles & more on demand. Our online store offers a large inventory with fast, same-day delivery or curbside pickup. And we can order anything you're looking for... Just ask us! As long as it's available in the state of Oklahoma, we'll find it for you and drop it at your door.
Why we're here --- Covid-19 has been a real bitch. It's turned our world and our community upside down. Small businesses are closing their doors and entrepreneurs are struggling. Tipsy Truck Delivery was born out of a need to cater to today's changing demands... more booze, but safely! Whether you're social distancing or responsibly drinking at home, we're here to help. And you, my friend, are essential. So is the booze we'll deliver to your door.
Why we're different --- While there are other alcohol delivery businesses in other states, they are stopping at a liquor store to purchase it before bringing it to you. That means that you're paying retail store prices plus an additional markup and delivery fees to get it to your door. With Tipsy Truck Delivery, we house our own inventory so that we can be competitive with liquor stores and still get your booze to you in 2-hours or less, all while you're still sitting on the couch watching your favorite show. 
What makes us cool --- Duh, we're delivering booze! But there's more. Scope out our store to find snack items, party supplies, mixers and much more that we can deliver with your favorite 12-pack and bottle of wine. Want a case of bubbles for the weekend? We can make that happen for you. Want to host a great party, but don't want to have to shop for it all? We've got you covered. Even better... if you want to be granted #bff status for life, send your friends a bottle of wine for hosting you last night, call in a case of craft beer to your buddy for helping you move furniture this weekend, or let us deliver a bottle of bubbly to your friend who just got a promotion. Want more, build out a booze basket on our site and we'll make it pretty, add a custom Tipsy Tag from you, and deliver a basket of awesomeness to their door. The options are endless and we'd love to help you be the best gift-giver ever! 
Mostly, we're just happy to be here and are excited to start delivering the good stuff to your door. Cheers!