Kiddo Basket (Pre-Order Only)

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Everyone loves a delivery... especially the kiddos! Let us surprise yours with this super sweet basket filled with so many delicious goodies in a great basket that can be reused in their room for organization/storage. They're going to LOVE this sweet delivery! 

This basket includes:
💗 Glacier Chocolates - 6-piece signature truffles
💗 1 bottle of sparkling cider (non-alcoholic, of course)
💗 2 giant Pixy Stix
💗 2 ring pops
💗 1 package Haribo Gummi Bears
💗 1 package Sour Patch Kids
💗 1 package Skittles
💗 1 package of Oreos (6-count)
💗 1 giant pack of Chips Ahoy! to share
💗 1 reusable basket for storage/organization
💝 1 custom Tipsy Tag --- Instead of saying "You've been BOOZED by," as the form above shows, it will be signed "Love, Mom & Dad / Grandma & PaPa / etc" with a short message to personalize it from you. Just complete the form above and we'll customize it for you.

NOTE: Some items may be swapped out for boys, such as red ribbon (instead of pink) and sparkling cider (instead of rosé cider).