Charley Jean Candle Co. - Winter Eucalyptus (8oz)

Charley Jean Candle Co. - Winter Eucalyptus (8oz)

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Fir | Eucalyptus | Clove (8oz tin)

Hand-poured in Broken Arrow, OK

About this candle: Winter Eucalyptus is a classic holiday, woodsy scent. When you smell this, you will instantly be reminded of Christmas time. Winter Eucalyptus is the perfect scent to set your home into a festive, holiday mood. You will never smell something more representative of Christmas than this scent! If you’re looking for the “perfect” Christmas candle… look no further. Winter Eucalyptus takes me back to sitting on the floor by the Christmas Tree with my siblings on Christmas Mornings— no better feeling.

About Charley Jean Candle Co: Each candle is melted, mixed and hand-poured in Broken Arrow, OK. All candles are created with soy wax from American grown soybeans. 100% cotton wicks ensure that every candle is clean to burn and breathe in, making them safe for everyone to enjoy. No artificial fragrances... only natural oils.