Celebrating with Friends Basket

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Celebrating an evening or quick getaway with friends? They'll love this one! What better way to celebrate or thank a party host than with a fun basket of booze… including a great local beer selection, two bottles of wine, a bottle of bubbles and a bag of chips to share. It’s fun… it’s tasty… and it’s ready for delivery! 

This basket includes:
- Local Beer Variety (9 total)
  🍺 405 Brewing - Trae P.A.Tropical IPA
  🍺 Anthem - Golden One Blonde Ale

  🍺 Cabin Boys - Goin’ Stag Belgian
  🍺 Cabin Boys - Cast-a-Line Kölsch
  🍺 Elk Valley - Tenkiller Pilsner
  🍺 Marshall - Grand Lake Lager
  🍺 NEFF - Apollo Blonde Ale
  🍺 NEFF - Spacerveza Mexican-Style Lager
  🍺 Stonecloud - Astrodog IPA
- Wine
   🍷 Josh Cellars North Coast Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
   🍷 Kendall Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay
- Bubbles
  🥂 LaMarca Prosecco
- Snacks
  💥 Cool Ranch Doritos 
- Custom Tipsy Tag
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Cheers! 🍻

*Note - The items in this basket can be switched out for similar contents. Just contact Jo at 918-857-8487 to make adjustments. Or you can customize another basket with your own selection of wine, bubbles, brews, seltzers or snacks. Cheers!