Marshall - Arrowhead Pale Ale (6-pack)

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Arrowhead Pale Ale aims to quench the thirst of hot summer afternoons and warm evenings. Arrowhead is an American pale ale crafted to provide refreshment as a lighter, highly quaffable ale complimented by unique aromatic citrus notes that both tickle the nose and enliven the palate. Complexity, balance, and softness make Arrowhead Pale Ale a ridiculously easy drinking summer seasonal.

ALCOHOL - 5.2%

IBU (Bitterness) - 40
FOOD PAIRINGS - You will find endless options for pairing with dishes that are light in intensity and matched with citrus components.
  • Citrus vinaigrettes
  • Roasted chicken scented with lemon and rosemary
  • Grilled maple-glazed salmon
  • Soft tangy goat cheese

From Marshall Brewing in Tulsa