The Guy Basket

The Guy Basket

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For the meat-lover in your life, check out this manly basket including deluxe mixed nuts, meaty steak strips, a bottle of Carnivor and half a case (12) local craft brews. He’s sure to love this one! 

This basket includes:
- Local Beers (12-pack)
   --- Anthem Golden One Blonde Ale
   --- Cabin Boys Goin Stag Belgian Single Malt / Single Hop
   --- Cabin Boys Huntman IPA
   --- Dead Armadillo IPA
   --- Elk Valley Latte Nemesis Imperial Stout
   --- Iron Monk Stilly Wheat
   --- Marshall Sundown Wheat
   --- Marshall This Land Lager
   --- NEFF Spacerveza Mexican Style Lager
   --- Prairie Standard Farmhouse Ale
   --- Roughtail Frickin' Hazer Beams Pale Ale
   --- Stonecloud Havana Affair Pilsner
- Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon
- Beef Steak Strips
- Deluxe Mixed Nuts
- Custom Tipsy Tag (PERSONALIZE HERE!)

Cheers! 🍻

*Note - The items in this basket can be switched out for similar contents. Just contact Jo at 918-857-8487 to make adjustments. Or you can customize another basket with your own selection of wine, bubbles, brews, seltzers or snacks. Cheers!