Local IPA Variety Basket

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This basket is perfect for the IPA lover! Filled with our favorite and hottest delicious local IPAs and snacks to enjoy, it’s a gift that’s sure to wow! Cheers! 🍻

This basket includes:
- Local IPAs (12 total)
   🍺 Cabin Boys - Trail Magic Hazy IPA (x2)
   🍺 COOP - F5 IPA (x2)
   🍺 Elk Valley - Magic Juice Double IPA (x2)
   🍺 Lively Beerworks - Grapefruit IPA (x3)
   🍺 Roughtail - Ev. Rhymes W. Orange IPA (x3)

- Snacks
   👍 Smokehouse Almonds
   👍 Steak Strips
- Custom Tipsy Tag
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Cheers! 🍻

*Note - The items in this basket can be switched out for similar contents. Contact Jo at 918-857-8487 to make any adjustments. Or you can customize another basket with your own selection of wine, bubbles, brews, cocktails and more!