Fling - Variety Pack (4-pack)

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Each 4-pack includes 2 Fling Gin & Tonic Craft Cocktail cans and 2 Fling Rye Whiskey Mule Craft Cocktail cans.

Rye Whiskey Mule... Fling yourself to the Old West, where coyotes howl, saloons beckon, and imaginations run wild. A bracing kick of ginger, a generous squeeze of lime, and a liberal shot of spicy rye make this lusty libation sing in perfect three-part harmony.

Botanical Gin & Tonic... Fling yourself to the English countryside, home to patchwork hills, genteel gardens, and proper pubs. Bursting with floral aromas, Builders Botanical Gin pairs perfectly with tonic, lime and a touch of lavender for a modern take on a timeless classic.

Live a delicious life. Have a FLING!