(SOLD OUT!) 2023 Beer Advent Basket

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Our annual Tipsy Truck Advent beer baskets are back and better than ever! Whether you're getting one for yourself or sending as a gift, they offer 25 straight days of fun gift-wrapped surprises counting down the days until Christmas.

In our 4th edition, each basket will be unique and look a bit different, but still include the same mix of carefully selected beers... both Okla-local and great non-local beers that are seasonal and fun. Most of the beers included in this basket won't even be available on our site this year, so it truly offers a unique variety of fantastic seasonal beers for yourself or the beer-lover in your life. With a custom Tipsy Truck pint glass included, these also make fantastic gifts for co-workers and clients to remember just how awesome you are for 25 straight days. We'll cheers to that! 

SPOILER ALERT!!! We don't like spoiling surprises by listing out all of what's included, but... we also understand that some people like to know what they're getting, or what they're gifting. So, a list of breweries included in our 2023 Beer Advent are listed at the bottom of this page.

DELIVERY: Please schedule delivery between Fri, Nov. 24 and Fri, Dec. 1st. All deliveries will be completed by 12/1 when Advent begins. If ordering as a gift(s) to be delivered to multiple addresses, each address will need to have it’s own order to schedule. Any questions, please contact Jo at 918-857-8487. Cheers! 🍻

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What is a Beer Advent Calendar?
It’s a beautiful basket filled with 25 hand-wrapped beers for the holiday season to count down the days until Christmas, starting Dec. 1 and ending Christmas Day. Each Tipsy basket will be unique and look different, but with the same mix of carefully selected Okla-local beers as well as some of the best known seasonal beers around. Each includes a personalized Tipsy Tag and fun Tipsy Truck pint glass.

Why Order Extras?
Is there a better gift than 25 days of brews? That’s 25 days in a row that they’ll be reminded just how amazing you are. Win! Also, since we launched in 2020, our annual Advent Baskets have become a favorite for Tulsans to share with friends & family. They enjoy opening and reviewing their daily brew at the same time each night together. How fun is that!? We want you to enjoy making memories with those you love and we feel lucky to be even a small part of it.

Why Buy It Now?
Because these sell out every year, so you won't want to miss out!

When Will I Get Them?
All baskets will be delivered after Thanksgiving and before Advent begins, so Nov. 24th - Dec. 1st. Select your desired delivery day & time at checkout and then we will call you to confirm in advance. Schedules change, so don’t stress about the exact day & time as we can always adjust to your schedule closer to time, if needed.

Can I Send to Multiple Addresses?
Yes, but each delivery address will need its own order. If you are interested in arranging delivery to many addresses, please reach out as we are happy to create a custom delivery rate for your bulk purchase.  

*Local Brews included in our 2023 Basket:
🍺 Anthem Brewing (OKC)
🍺 Cabin Boys (TUL)
🍺 COOP Ale Works (OKC)
🍺 Iron Monk (STW)
🍺 Marshall Brewing (TUL)

🍺 Prairie Artisan Ales (OKC)
🍺 Renaissance Brewing (TUL)
🍺 Roughtail Brewing (OKC)
🍺 Skydance Brewing (OKC)
🍺 The Cape Brewing (JENKS)

*Non-Local Brews included:
🍺 Bell's Brewery (Michigan)
🍺 Brewdog (Scotland)
🍺 Boulevard (Kansas City)
🍺 Full Sail (Oregon)
🍺 Great Divide (Colorado)
🍺 Hop & Sting Brewing (Texas)
🍺 Karbach Brewing (Texas)
🍺 New Belgium Brewery (Colorado)
🍺 Rahr & Sons (Texas)
🍺 Shiner (Texas)
🍺 Sam Adams (Boston)
🍺 Sierra Nevada (California)
🍺 St. Bernardus (Belgium)
🍺 Tupps Brewing (Texas)
🍺 Yuengling (Pennsylvania)

*based upon availability from the beer distributor. If one of the selected beers becomes unavailable, it will be replaced with one similar