St. Patrick's Week Hours

Hello Tipsy Friends!

Our hours will be shifted over St. Patrick's Day / Spring Break as follows:

  • Now - March 15th --- 10am - 10pm. Business as usual. 
  • March 16th - 18th --- No Deliveries. Orders can still be placed, but must be scheduled for a future delivery date... March 19th or after. 
  • March 19th and on --- 10am - 10pm. Back to business as usual. 

Why, you ask? Well, we run the huge St. Patrick's Day party for Arnie's Bar in downtown and all of our staff will be pulled to work the event. Additionally, our HQ will be inaccessible, so we won't be able to fulfill your orders. Please feel free to order in advance as we will be delivering until 10pm through Monday, the 15th. And we'll be back to business as usual on Friday, the 19th. 

Have a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day and Spring Break!

Cheers 🍻