Local Beer Sampler Basket (24 beers)

Local Beer Sampler Basket (24 beers)

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Enjoy a fun variety of local craft beers with our sampler basket! Selection will change frequently as new products are added and as seasons change. Updates and current selection will be posted in the description below. If you're sending as a gift, please include a short message in the 'notes' section at checkout so that we can customize your Tipsy Tag!

This basket includes a mixed case of the following 24 beers:

Anthem Brewing (OKC)
- Golden One Blonde Ale
- Super Fancy Cider

Cabin Boys (TULSA)
- Bearded Theologian Belgian Quad
- Cast-A-Line Kölsch 
- Felix et Tenebris American Stout
- Goin' Stag Belgian Single Hop
- Huntman IPA

Dead Armadillo (TULSA)
- Dead Armadillo IPA
- Tulsa Flag Blonde Ale

- Milk Stout
- Stilly Wheat

Marshall Brewing (TULSA)
- Arrowhead IPA
- Sundown Wheat
- This Land Lager

NEFF Brewing (TULSA)
- Apollo Blonde Ale
- Raspberry Pride Sour
- Spacerveza Mexican Lager

Prairie Artisan Ales (OKC)
- Pink Guava Funk
- Standard Farmhouse Pale Ale 
- Phantasmagoria Double IPA
- Vape Tricks Sour

Roughtail Brewing (OKC)
- Everything Rhymes With Orange IPA
- Frickin’ Hazer Beams Pale Ale

Stonecloud Brewing (OKC)
- Neon Sunshine Belgian Wheat